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Enter Home Sweepstakes ( December-31-07 )
How does $250 000 for a down payment on a house of your dreams sound ? You could buy a new house or pay down your mortgage.. Just imagine what that would do for your bank account . Get a head start in life... and live it up !

Simply fill out the entry form on the right of the page and at the of the year, one lucky winner will receive a quarter of a million dollars towards a new home .... Good Luck !

Important : Make sure you click the box where it says "No thanks, just enter the sweepstakes."

Grand Prize : Winner will win $250 000 cash towards a new home .



  Posted By : Anonymous Anonymous

WARNING! If you enter from the above link you are also subscribing for a year of Good Houskeeping. Click on the link where it says "No purchase is necessary..." for free entry page.


  Posted By : Blogger Anna

thnk you for mentioning it i fixed the link ..


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